Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Is my Windows 32 bit or 64 bit?

Just a quick 'tutorial' here.
If you want to download many programs you'll have to know what bit rate your computer runs on.
To do this:

  1. Click the Start Button (Windows icon)
  2. From there in the search box type 'system'
  3. Click on the 'System' result
  4. Under the RAM is the operating system. It'll either say 32 bit or 64 bit Windows.
Hope this helped.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Google Mapmaker first round of updates are LIVE

When mapmaker was first launched, I submitted a update to Waitara Oval, labelling it as Mark Taylor Oval (which had been announced a few days prior to the submission)
Well today they've all been uploaded.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Beta Tester for Codecademy

Well, now I'm an official beta tester for Codecademy. :)
Didn't know you could apply before I updated my profile!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Codecademy List of Badges

UPDATED: 27 April 2014 (New CSS badges, need to reformat for the redesign)


I may not have all of Codecademy's badges but I have a few. List of all Codecademy's Badges and How to Get them. List shall be constantly updated. Use this to fill your collection, if you think you're missing any come here and find it.

Find a broken image? Tell me in the comment section below, tweet @akkatracker, +Matthew Brener  or email me at akkatracker@gmail.com

BADGE                                                                                                      HOW TO GET


Experience data loss.  Read more here



Complete your first lesson

 Complete 10 exercises


Complete 25 exercises 

Complete 50 exercises


Complete 100 exercises

Complete 200 exercises

Complete 500 exercises


Complete 1000 exercises


Get a max streak of 1 day

Get a max streak of 3 days

Get a max streak of 15 days  


  Earn 25 points in one day

Earn 50 points in one day

Earn 75 points in one day

Earn 100 points in one day


                                                            Complete the "Getting Started with Programming Course"

      Complete the "FizzBuzz" Project

Complete the "HTML Fundamentals Course"

                                          Complete the "Build your first Webpage" Course

Complete the "HTML Basics" Course

Complete the "HTML Basics II" Course

Complete the "Build your own Webpage" Course

Complete the "More with HTML" Course

Complete the "Make a Recipe Card" Project

                                       Complete the "Lists in HTML" Course

                                          Complete the "CSS: Coding with Style" Course

                                   Complete the "First website using HTML and CSS" Course

Complete the "CSS Selectors" Course


Complete the "Sorting your Friends" Project

  Complete the "Choose your own Adventure!" Course

Complete the "Hello, New York" Project

Complete the "Code'n'Tell" Project

Complete the "Functions in Javascript" Course

Complete the "Review of Functions in Javascript" Project

Complete the  "Introductions to functions in JS" Course

Complete the "Introduction to 'For' Loops in Javascript" Course

Complete the "Conditionals in Javascript" Course

Complete the "Dice Game" Project

Complete the "Starting a Startup" Project

Complete the "Blackjack: Deal 'em Up" Project

Complete the "Review Primitives in JavaScript" Course

Complete the "Introduction to Objects I" Course

Complete the "Building an Address Book" Project

Complete the "Olympic Tryouts" Course

Complete the "Advanced CSS Selectors" Course

Complete the "Put it all together: Build a Resume" Project

Complete the "Social Networking Profile" Project

Complete the "CSS Positioning" Course

Complete the "Build A Resume" Project

Complete the "Animate your Name" Activity

Complete the "Sun, Earth and Code" Activity

Complete the "About You" Activity

Complete the "Intro into CSS Positioning" Course

Complete the "Date Picker" Course



                                                       Complete the "Unit 1: Python Syntax" Course

                                                                   Complete the "Tip Calculator" Project


                                     Complete the "Unit 2: Strings & Console Output" Course



Complete the "Date and Time" Project

                                Complete the "Unit 3: Conditionals & Control Flow" Course

                                                               Complete the "Unit 4: Functions" Course


                                                                            Complete the "PygLatin" Project


Complete the "Taking a Vacation" Project

Complete the  "Python Lists and Dictionaries" Course

Complete the "A day at the supermarket" Project

Complete the "Data Management for Scientists" Course


Complete the "If/Else Statements" Course


Complete the "Student becomes the Teacher" Project

Complete the "Lists and functions" Course


  Complete the "Loops" Course

Complete the "Practice makes Perfect" Course

Complete the "Battleship!" Project


Complete the "Introduction to Classes" Course

Complete the "Classes" Course

Complete the "File IO" Course



                                                          Complete the "Introduction to Ruby" Course


Complete the "Putting the Form in Formatter" Course

 Complete the "Control Flow in Ruby" Course


 Complete the "Thith meanth war" Course


Complete the "Introduction to PHP" Course

Complete the  "Conditionals and Control Flow" Course

Complete the "Control Flow: Switch" Course

Complete the "Arrays" Course

Complete the "For loops in PHP" Course