Saturday, 26 May 2012

HTC Sensation Review

When I first got the HTC Sensation, I was weary. Already 2 "sequels" had been released and I wondered whether there was an issue with the original. Despite this I chose the HTC since I knew someone with it and it was the best phone available with that plan.

Well first of all let's start with the look: I like the colour black as its main colour opposed to the Sensation XL's White. It's ergonomic and fits into the hand very well. For me, one of the key points is the large touch screen. As compared to someones HTC Legend, the Sensation is massive.

Some people have approached me and asked me why I didn't go for an iPhone. I reply: iPhones are the biggest waste of money and brick of junk. I personally find the iOS very underwhelming and unpowerful. Android is flexible, cheap and very powerful. Apple impose so many restrictions that it's not funny. (And for the record I do have an iPod)

When I got the Sensation it came with the ordinary Froyo Firmware (I think :O). What I knew, and a lot of others didn't was that the Sensation would be one of the first phones worldwide to release Google's powerful 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Firmware. With this in mind I bought it and low and behold it gets released a few nights ago. With this update comes many ultrapowerful tools such as face unlock, camera enhancements and android beaming.

The Sensation (without ICS) has one of the best cameras for a phone on the market. With ICS the full potential is enhanced.

One of the main reasons I moved to a smartphone was to have a GPS so that I could more freely participate in one of my major hobbies, Geocaching. So when it came time to find my first geocache with my phone I went to a nearby one in the City. This has got to be an amazing geocaching tool. I've heard complaints about other smartphones especially the LG range but I am very impressed with my phone.

As with the range of apps that many people praise the iPhone on. The Google Play Store is still quite small. The functionality of some apps is limited as Android is opensource and thus can be run on many devices with many different types of hardware compared to Apple's few choices of device. I can guarentee that in a few years the Android Play Store will have more apps than the App Store due the $25 once off payment compared to $99 a year and the fact that you can only develop for iOS on a Mac.

All other features work as intended such as mail, messaging, music and the keypad.

This is a quick review and will still have a far way to go but I hope this gives you some idea about the HTC Sensation.

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