Saturday, 26 May 2012

Smashing open a computer

Today was the local electronics cleanup day and I was set with the task of dismantleling the computers and corrupting the hard drives. FUN.

So I set off dismantling one of the old PCs with a never ending BSOD. It had larger screws so I started with my IKEA electric screwdriver.

Removed a few screws and bam.. there was the ram. Couldn't let it go to waste so preserved it and will be placing it in my sluggish laptop soon. Which at the moment isn't responding hence me typing on my htc sensation.

Then it was on to the battery and hard drive. When I got to the hard drive there were little screws which I wanted to remove to access the magnets. Turns out I didn't have a screwdriver small enough. Will have to buy one for the next opportunity.

Pulled out the hammer and started bashing the hard drive. Then got the screwdriver and punctured it with it.

I would have liked to have taken a photo but my phone or camera wasn't close enough so a photo of the RAM will have to do.

No winner yet on the first contest despite a few pageviews.

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