Saturday, 21 July 2012

Earn some extra money by typing captchas?

I get bored on the computer sometimes and want to earn some extra cash.

An easy way to earn a few cents is via captcha typing, with one major website being Protypers. They have a rate per 1000 captchas typed for certain times of the day. While the rate may seem small, it quickly adds up if you have a few minutes spare. My only dislike of them is it takes an age to get a captcha.

Monday, 9 July 2012


The Story
In November 2011 the FBI arrested a group of cybercriminals who spread the malware DNSChanger. Basically what they could do if you had it installed was to redirect you to fraudulent websites when doing something i.e. redirect you to a fake paypal site.

Approximately 4 million users were infected worldwide, with thousands being in Australia. The FBI are turning support for affected users off 2:01PM AEST.

If you have the malware installed after then, you won't have access to the internet ever. EVER.

How do I fix this?

The FBI and Australian Government have set up sites telling you whether you have the malware installed. The websites are:

Going onto these websites will tell you whether you have been infected.

So no, the apocalypse hasn't started and we're all going to die. Instead you may lose internet connection. I urge you to go onto these websites and check your DNS status ASAP.


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

State of Origin 2012

Even though I am a follower of Rugby Union more than League, I just had to watch State of Origin, especially the decider.

The biggest match of the season lived up to its expectation with a great game of league. Sadly my team, the Blues went down by 1 point (21-20) to the Maroons.

This was a shame to see my team go down (the 7th straight series loss). Despite this the game was exciting with some big hits and bad calls (*cough* Archer *cough* Shepparding)

My "saddest" moment of the match was when Robbie Farah knocked the ball on with a few minutes to go. I was very sad :(.

Just to show the intensity of the match I have included a State of Origin photo below