Monday, 27 August 2012

iPhone 5 Pictures?!?

As much as I couldn't care less (being Anti-Apple) it has come to my attention that many browsers are running Safari while viewing my blog and thus these people must like Apple :O. I also enjoy watching these people go Ohhh and Ahhh ;)

To start off, a pic from a reliable source, Gizmodo. Gizmodo accurately got pictures of the iPhone 4 weeks before the release and thus I would trust them the most:
What I like about this model: It appears slim
What I don't like about this model: It has a different dock, looks like a Samsung SIII (No crap about the lawsuit please!), it's too similar to the last model, It's an iPhone.

Now onto our next mock up/ picture, also from Gizmodo

What I like: Shiny! Nice clean back to the model.
What I don't like: Looks like an LG Optimus, lawsuit (no curved edges which is what they sued Samsung about)

Now onto our final picture:
What I like: Modern, Amazing, clear, innovative
What I don't like: Not real


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  1. This is the first run through Apple has put out a completely useless item and honestly, I'm truly stunned. They discharged the iPhone 5 with a genuine battery drain issue and they are imagining its a non issue. In the event that you check the Apple Support Communities threads, you'll discover hundreds upon several posts from baffled customers with the same issue.