Thursday, 26 December 2013

Australia Only Boxing Day Deals

It's our favourite time of year... Boxing Day Sales!

Today I'll keep you all updated on the boxing day deals that are online only/you can get online. I'll be the first to day that these sites are sluggy. Like the verge of collapsing under traffic.

Be quick. Here we go!

Here we go. 

UE100s for $5 at DSE with Free Shipping. (Stocks nearly sold out in all colours but managed to grab a blue pair -- Site's pretty sluggy at the moment.) 

Free Left4Dead2 at Steam (Site's dead) - no link just find it if you can. 

ShoppingExpress has some boxing day specials, if you're in the market for a ssd then this is worth it.

Any more deals that pop up will be documented in separate posts.


Monday, 23 December 2013

Google Christmas Easter Egg

Historically Google love adding Easter Eggs to their search engine and products, this year with a cool animation appearing when you search for christmas related things.

A simple search of 'Christmas' will bring up the animation at the top of the screen.

An interesting addition just for Christmas. I wonder what other surprises will be in store.

Friday, 13 December 2013

A Droid App a day: Day 1

Since I'm free for 2 months now, I decided to get off my backside and refresh my Android and Java skills (which were stuck at Cupcake (A very long time ago))

Therefore every day I'm going to be publishing an Android Application and posting it here for you to like/hate/rant about.

They'll (the apps will) be free since they'll probably be bug-ridden and quite horrible but my goal is by the end of the break to be able to write some quality apps that people will want to download. 

My first app project will be a simple counter that should be published in a few hours- It's appropritatly called counter.

A few issues I encountered:

The keysign was hard to work out but once I realised that it was better to run keytool over jarsign this was quickly eradicated.

Android Studio doesn't like Eclipse projects. Thus I stuck to eclipse.

My app's up
Pretty happy for a first 4.0 attempt

Monday, 9 December 2013

New PC Build

I just built a new PC for myself and I must say I'm pretty happy with it so far. More details and pics will come but here are the basic specs and reasoning:

CPU: Intel i5 4670k (I want to overclock and the i5 is the best performance for value CPU)
CPU Cooler: Coolermaster Hyper Tx3 Evo (I need an aftermarket cooler for overclocking and this seemed a good value for money cooler)
Motherboard: Asrock Pro 4 Z87 (Recommended by a friend- I like the value and overclocking capabilities)
GPU: Sapphire HD7950 Boost (Not just because I'm a miner ;) I got a great deal on this as it is discontinued)
Case: Silverstone RL-01 (In order to stay in budget I chose a cheapy case but one with a window. This has performed surpisingly well and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to someone else)
Storage: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue (a classic although my sata cable receptor broke and I had to buy a new one. I will hopefully receive a SSD for xmas *wink wink* and thus will move Windows onto it. )
RAM: 2x4GB G.Skill Ares (I wanted a higher clock than other ram so I chose this, I like the blue colouring too)

That's it for the moment. Tomorrow I might run some benchmarks on it and post here. I'm also considering starting to vlog about gaming/computers/cool stuff so stay tuned.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Steelseries Kinsu V2 unboxing and review

I'm back!

Bought one of these at a really good price at Scorptec ($10 shipped to my door). Had a poor selection of colours so chose orange (it looks pretty cool)

I actually haven't used it yet (it's going into my new rig) but I have unboxed it. EDIT: Build is going to be ready 24th November.

Now onto the review... The mouse came in a nice box with the mouse displayed which is great as a consumer as you can get a sense of the size/colour/features without looking at images on the internet (sometimes the images on the boxes are misleading)

Opening it up there's an instruction manual with CD for configuring DPI (something this mouse is supposed to do quite well)

Looking at the mouse itself, there's a nice braided cable (I really like these) and a USB 2.0 plug. The optical mouse is quite minimal in design but the vibrant orange really stands out. 

In the hand I was somewhat disappointed. The mouse was slightly uncomfortable to hold (my hand was somewhat perched on its body), however as this mouse is ambidextrous I congratulate Steelseries on a somewhat comfortable fit. The buttons and scroll wheel on the mouse are within easy reach. 

In summary I can't wait to try this mouse out on my rig, considering it's my first mouse in 5+ years I presume it'll be better than the trackpads that I'm used to.

Friday, 25 October 2013

My apologies.

Sorry to any of you who might be following my blog. I haven't posted for ~ 1 month due to external exam commitments. Don't worry guys I haven't disappeared :) .

Following my exams I have some very interesting (and possibly controversial) content coming up including:

  • Computer Part Reviews
  • Computer Building Help
  • Programming Help
  • Codecademy Badge updates
  • Political Commentary
  • Social Commentary
  • Reviews 
  • Science (cool stuff)
See you all on the 6th November.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to offline save Google Maps

With the new layout of Google Maps (for Android and iOS) it can be a bit hard to find old features of the app such as offline downloading. Here's how to do it

This works on both iPhone and Android:

  1. Zoom in and out to the desired saving area. If I wanted the whole of New York, then I'd zoom out so I could see he whole of New York
  2. Click in the location search box
  3. Type "ok maps"
And that's it. Your maps will download so you can use them later without a data connection. Really good if you're overseas or in the bush.  

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Droidviews Hacked

It appears that Droidviews is the latest website being hacked, with all pages now displaying the text

"Hacked By TURKSPWR // TurkishCyberArmy.Org"

Just last week the New York Times website was hacked by some people from the Middle East.

Who'll be the next victim

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Rudd VS Abbott: The 2013 Elections

Throughout this evening I have decided that I'll undertake a blogging marathon and cover the elections tonight.  Just a bit of info before I start:

I'm sitting in front of the television from my house in the Liberal safe seat of Bradfield. It's currently held by MP Paul Fletcher and is located on Sydney's North Shore. Therefore these times are all being broadcast in AEST.

Things to watch:
How Palmer United (a new party with quite a bit of a following) does. I predict they'll win over 10 seats.

I'll address all major happenings as an edit to this post. They'll begin with a time stamp as of my computer.

6:00PM- Voting has closed in the eastern states.

6:25PM- Counting has just started. Bob Katter appears to be losing his seat (Kennedy) by a large margin. Not looking good for Katter's Australia Party. The Liberal Nationals Party have almost tripled his vote count. NB only 500 odd votes have been counted.

6:30PM- SA and NT Voting ended

6:34PM- Eden-Monaro, a historically marginal seat (has predicted the winner since the 1970s) is swinging towards the Liberal-National Coalition

6:48PM- Katter still trailing in Kennedy.

6:54PM- Wayne Swan surprisingly has a swing towards him...

6:59PM- Treasurer Chris Bowen is losing his seat by a small margin

7:04PM- Kevin Rudd is winning his seat slimmly

7:06PM- Clive Palmer is trailing in Fairfax (the seat) by a few hundred votes.

7:11PM- In the "Over 50%" category thing at the top right of Sky News the score is ALP-4 LNP-29 OTH-1

7:33PM- ABC Analyst Anthony Green has declared that the ALP cannot win the election from here

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Building a New Computer

I'm in the process of upgrading my computer from a crappy old laptop to a new computer that I'm building myself on a budget. Sometimes when you start building you're completely in the dark so here's the first steps you need to build a computer.

Step 1.

Decide on the purpose of your machine. This is to govern what types of parts you need. If you want to run a tri-screen gaming setup you'll want a more powerful video card than someone who wants to use their computer as a server.

Step 2.

Set a budget. This means that you won't be spending too much and will feel like you've got great bang for your buck at the end of your project.

Step 3. 

Create a parts list adhering to this budget. If you have no idea where to start, find a friend who does or check out some forums such as Whirlpool and Tom's Hardware. Here there are people who will be happy to give you advice.

Step 4. 

Research these parts and find the cheapest prices. A price comparison service like StaticIce (which compares tech prices, and has localised websites for the US, Australia, UK and New Zealand) will help you get the most bang out of your buck.

Step 5. 

With these prices from StaticIce, revise your list and if way under budget consider upgrading some of your parts.

Step 6.

Now time to build your machine. If you don't want to stuff up, get a friend to help you who has assembled before. I recommend that you don't get a store to do it for you as if it breaks down you won't know what to do. Assembling a computer is a highly educational experience.

And very broadly that's it. As simple as that.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Opinions on the Graffiti Crisis on Cityrail/Transport NSW.

Upon many of my daily railway commutes I get bored and look out of the window in an attempt to spot some of the good graffiti around the area. Some of the art is really interesting (I'm not talking about the tags here, just the murals and art) and quite aesthetically appealing.

However very recently I've noticed more and more people complain about the graffiti that's there. Really? I personally don't see any issue with it and it's not blocking any view (except that of the wall). I really don't get why people whinge about some of the best quality art in Sydney.

Graffiti on trains (often referred to as panels) themselves are also a nice way to spend the time watching trains come into Central Station while waiting for a train. An example of this is below.

Furthermore, the state government is spending tens of millions of dollars every year, source: to clean up this graffiti. In my opinion this is wasted money.

I totally understand that there is a large security risk with the vandals getting onto the tracks but Cityrail (or Transport NSW as they now like to be called) could turn this into a positive and find the ways that potential terror attacks could be plotted.

Basically what I'd like to see happen is Transport NSW allow "panelling" but impose stricter laws on tagging. This way the art-form survives but the vandalism doesn't.

Best Geocaching Applications for Android

I'm an active geocacher and often (increasing more and more) I'm without my GPS. It's always good to have a backup and with me I generally have my HTC Sensation in my pocket.

As the game expands more and more people are looking for a low cost alternative to an expensive handheld GPS so here's a list of all the apps I've tried (which will continue to be updated). For the sake of keeping a small list (and to make this as generalised as possible)I've excluded site specific ones unless they support gpx imports (bar live ones)

  1. c:geo

    It's hard to go past arguably the king of Android caching apps. Despite running against Groundspeak's TOS, c:geo is a great open source caching app. It's developers are constantly fixing issues (quicker than other apps since it's opensource) and they have a great support team. Apart from the live map c:geo offers advanced offline storage (very good when travelling to remote areas) and great logging capabilities including picture upload (however I am unable to comment on how reliable it is as I don't use it. Overall c:geo seems to be a popular choice by many and it's not hard to see why.
  2. Cachesense

    As with Neongeo I haven't had enough time to use this for a large amount of time but unlike Neongeo I'm quite impressed. The arguably best Blackberry caching app made its way to Android and has definitely made its impression. Its online capabilities are great and it offers Munzee support (a big pro in my opinion). Only downside off the app is that when importing a file for offline GPX usage, the loading dialog stays in the notification bar, even when I try to cancel it. I hope the developers can fix this and then I'll be using Cachesense a lot more.
  3. Neongeo

    I bought this a while back following recommendations from other cachers. I must say however, I'm kind of disappointed. I bought it hoping for it to be the last caching app I would buy but I'll say why I dislike it. I don't like the way to search for caches and it's offline capabilities are somewhat underwhelming. There is hope for this app though. Although I didn't use it, the Geocacher Live Tracking map is pretty cool (except that it recognises me as a separate cacher to myself). I also actually haven't used the app to it's full potential yet and will be trying it out more

    So that's it for the moment. Here are my top 3 geocaching applications on the Android operating system. I haven't had enough time to test every application on the Play Store so if you have a suggestion please leave it in the comments below and I'll review it in due time.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Dick Smith A3 Laminator Review

Last week after trying to make the most out of our laminating pouches (Cutting them up), our old laminator (a Creative cheapie) got jammed. After disassembling it and removing the offending pieces of plastic the machine still wasn't 100% and needing the machines we set out to buy a new laminator.

We settled on an A3 Laminator, as they could laminate both A3 and A4 for a small price difference (about $10-20). Doing some searches on price comparison sites the Dick Smith A3 Laminator was only about $39. And so we bought it.

Upon opening it we were faced with a sleek modern laminator with a cheap looking handle. 

The laminator has options for 2 types of laminating (hot and cold) but we've only tried the hot.

Laminating speeds are good (quicker than our old one) and the quality is well sealed.

Definitely a good buy if you're in the need for a laminator that works, but isn't too fancy. 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Captcha for comments

I'm sorry :(

I've had to introduce Captcha for comments now as my blog was being targeted by spambots. I had an option of Captcha or OpenId and I thought Captcha would be more appropriate as it helps a good cause.

Very interesting how thousands of Captcha's a day are being solved and hundreds of books thus digitised.

My exams have just finished so I'm going to aim to post a lot more on this blog (aiming for one a day)

I have some very interesting points of discussion planned.

Sorry again

Monday, 1 April 2013

Twitter April Fools Prank 2013

Seems like Twitter are trying to follow on from Google's great April Fools Pranks by creating their own.
Twttr was announced by Twitter today stating that vowels will be eliminated from Twitter within the next few days. Their premium service costing $5 a month would allow vowels.
More details are below including a Twttr Converter

Google's April's Fools Pranks 2013

It's always fun to find and laugh at Google's pranks that are interwoven through their websites. This year I'm going to attempt to track and document all.

1. On their official YouTube Channel, YouTube has announced that they are closing YouTube down for a decade to try and find the best video ever uploaded. Basically the video explains everything. It features famous YouTubers like KassemG, MattHarding and iJustine. This is quite ironical since Google recently announced the closure of Google Reader. The YouTube Collection Prank also makes a reappearance.

2. When searching for something Google now has a Google Nose option. You can see this in the image below (it might be a bit small)

If you click on Nose, You'll be sent to this page: 

Down the bottom are links to other puns and a 2008 April Fools Prank. There are many spin offs of Google Products on the webpage. 

If you click try you'll be redirected to the Google Search page (powered by Aromabase) of either

  • Abraham Lincoln - Old, musty, remnant of American history
  • Airport terminal - Baked tarmac and lost luggage
  • Apple Pie - Carmelized sugar, tarty fruit and baking powder
  • Banana - Sweet isoamyl acetate
  • The Beach - Salt water, suntan lotion and nostalgia
  • Beer - Barley, wheat and a bit of alcohol.
  • Belly button - An organic tweed cotton potato sack
  • Brownies - Fudgy chocolate deliciousness
  • Bubble bath - A refreshing blend of lavendar and soap.
  • Buffalo sauce - Hot sauce, oil and lots (and lots) of meat
  • Cabernet - Fruity, oaky, that'll be $22 plus state sin tax
  • Campfire - Charcoal, toasty smores, July
  • Campsite - Burning firewood with marshmallows and bear droppings.
  • Canned cat food - Week-old salmon mixed with cardboard and vinegar
  • Car exhaust - Poison, gas, and a salty hint of rising seas
  • The carnival - Cotton candy and clown sweat
  • Casino - Cigarette smoke and the smell of sweet, sweet victory
  • Cave - Wet moss, cold stone and danger
  • Christmas tree - A mix of pine, presents and joy
  • Clam Chowder - Cream and the ocean
  • College dorm - Sweaty, with scents of leftover pizza and burnt popcorn.
  • Cologne - Perfume with a hint of testosterone
  • Diaper - Baby powder and poop
  • Doctor's Office - Latex and sterile metal
  • Dollar bill - Cotton and linen covered in dirt, sweat and greed
  • Dumpster - Unwashed socks in a locker room after a hockey game
  • Durian - Horribly, rottingly,, tasty!
  • Fear - Sweat, adrenaline, proximity to hungry carnivore
  • Fishermans Wharf - Sunbathing seals and clam chowder
  • Fresh brewed Colombian coffee - Burnt beans sprinkled across dark chocolate
  • Garlic breath - Allyl methyl sulfide
  • Google I/O - Gadgets, over-heated computers and innovation
  • Googleplex - Sun, trees, moonshots, optimism, multi-cultural food, over-heated computers, and five-toe shoes
  • Grandpa's Hat - Strong coffee and the forest
  • Grapefruit - Citrus and a bright summer morning
  • Gym clothes - Sweaty and dirty with a hint of accomplishment
  • Hair Dye - Bleach, chemicals and a fresh start
  • Hair Salon - Burnt hair and gossip
  • Halloween - Candy corn and/or pennies in a cardboard box
  • Horse manure - Dirt and feces sprinkled atop an organic farm
  • Hospital - Cold, clean, with hints of disinfectant spray
  • Hot Springs - Boisterous bursts of sulfur with a hint of pencil lead on the nose
  • Hot tub / Jacuzzi - Chlorine with a hint of romance
  • Improperly installed batteries - Burnt tires with lots of energy
  • Incense - Sweetly pungent enlightenment
  • Jeans in the rain - A complex range of tannins jostled with pickled blueberries and aged brandy.
  • Laptop Monitor - Wafts of burnt yet shiny metal
  • Laundromat - Fabric softener, bleach and pure cleanliness
  • Lavendar - Floral, soft, fresh, with hints of grandma's potpourri
  • Lemon - Fresh, bright, sour and tart
  • Lip gloss - Artificial strawberry mixed with petroleum
  • Lobster - Buttery deliciousness
  • Locker room - Sweat, showers and teamwork
  • Maple syrup - Sugar and pancakes on a Saturday morning in Vermont or Canada
  • Mars - A Curious blend of sulphur and rust with a sparkling whiff of carbon dioxide.
  • Metal - Iron and quarters
  • Moon rocks - Burnt gunpowder after a desert rain
  • Moth balls - Sweet shoe polish with sprinkles of ammonia
  • Nail polish remover - Pungent and chemical beauty. Makes you feel pampered, but also like you need to shower.
  • Nail salon - Spa water and refreshing notes of acetone
  • Newborn infant - Fresh baby powder with a side of hour-old feces
  • Old hotel room - Air freshener and scandal
  • Parisian streets in the morning - Flakey croissants dipped in brewing espresso
  • Peanut butter - Peanuts, oil and nostalgia
  • Perfume - Cologne with a hint of estrogen
  • Permanent marker - Rubbing alcohol poured into a puddle of gas
  • Pinot Grigio - Grapes, fruit, flowers and a buzz
  • Pizza - Cheesy goodness and yeasty bread paired with a college all-nighter
  • Printer paper - The freshness of a new start, or an office supply store
  • Public Library - A musty, dusty smell evoking brilliance and imagination
  • Pumpkin - Cinnamon-covered squash on Halloween
  • Rain Forest - Fresh air and monkey droppings
  • Roses - Love, warmth, joy (f); Stress, tension, guilt (m)
  • Sauna - Old men sweating after a long day on the golf course
  • Sesame Chicken - Honey, sesame seeds, and oil. In sum: fried perfection.
  • Skiing - Fresh piles of newly fallen snow and frozen sweat
  • Skunk - Putrid; burnt rubber, oil
  • Stale beer - Sticky wooden floors the morning after the frat party
  • Success – Sweet
  • Sunscreen - Sun, sand, sun, sea, sun, plastic toys, sun, vacation, sun, sun, sun
  • Taxi Cab - Leather seats, masked by body odor and cigarette smoke from the prior passenger
  • Toothpaste - Refreshingly minty and clean
  • Turkey - Gravy with a hint of drowsiness
  • Used Clothing - Sweaty cotton drenched with memories
  • Unattended litter box - Distinct boquet of ammonia with an earthy undertone
  • Used napkin - Leftover pasta sauce with the chunk of the brocolli you picked out of your tooth
  • Vampire - Heavy smell of blood, light hint of garlic
  • Vanilla - Calming sweetness. Often compared to chocolate, though arguably not as good
  • Victory - Napalm and sweet success
  • Waffles - Sweet bread and maple syrup on a Sunday morning
  • Wet Dog - Aggressive and foxy with notes of musk, wet towel
  • Yogurt Parfait - Oats and grains sprinkled over a beehive in the summer, as a cow gets milked by his farmer nearby.

April Fools' Day - Immature and cheesy, with a quick, bright finish

All with their own humorous descriptions (Have I missed one- tell me in the Comments Section or contact me @akkatracker or
Here's what the search page looks like:

If you click Smell a fake dialogue box will come up and transmit the smell. Once you click stop and Need Help it will say
"If you are experiencing problems with Google NoseBETA, please note the following:
  • "418: Scent transfer protocol error" indicates system congestion; please try again later.
  • Due to technological constraints, not all smells are compatible with all devices.
  • Refrain from licking or biting your screen.
  • Try upgrading to a modern browser, such as Google Chrome.
  • It is April Fools' Day."

Here it is concluded that it is a joke

3. Another fun joke, Google Have added a Treasure Map mode to Google Maps alongside the standard Satellite and Street Maps. 

It appears to be a old fashioned treasure map. My only issue is that if you click try now the Treasure Map icon is removed. 

4. Gmail Blue. Apparently Gmail is going Blue according to this video released on the Gmail Blog

5. Google+ Emoticons, Documented in this post

6. Google Fiber to Utility Poles

7. The Google Australia Blog has announced Home Renovations with Street View with Google SCHMICK on their blog

8. People on the Space Station visiting your blog.

Monday, 11 March 2013

SCM Music Player

You may have realised something new about the top of my website. I now have an (annoying) music player like tumblr blogs have ;) .

This player is called SCM Music Player. To get it for your website go here. From this page you can easily choose your skin (what it looks like) and the tracks. For mine I created a YouTube playlist which was easily imported but you can also use Soundcloud.

From there you are given some Javascript which can be easily added.

Overall SCM Music Player is an incredibly easy to use Music Player for your website with many tweakable options. My favourite bit about it is that it's opensource which allows you to do anything to it.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Beginning to Code

Being a relatively good programmer I often get people asking me where to start. I personally taught myself Python, a great first language but now there are even easier languages emerging such as LiveCode.

LiveCode has a simple GUI interface for designing the app and a English based logic. If you were to say sort the lines in JavaScript, you'd need many lines of code and symbols but in LiveCode you simply say:

"Sort lines of field 1 by item 2 of each"

LiveCode also directly supports iOS and Android and makes easy GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) for Windows and Mac OSX.

The only downside of LiveCode is that it is currently quite expensive. However, they are running a Kickstarter Campaign to make LiveCode Opensource and Free.

Back now and get a great tool for free. Every cent helps.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

SnapbacksAus Review

I recently had the privilege of buying some Snapback-style hats off SnapbacksAus. This Australian based online store sells Snapback-style hats and Beanies, all for under $25.
My interest sparked when I was recommended to visit this site by one of my close friends. He had recently purchased a few hats and said that the service was great. I decided to test this out for myself just to see how good the service was.
I started by sending an email to the Support "Guy" and Co-owner Matt. He explained that to make a purchase it would be simple and just a matter of emailing him the types you wanted or placing an order through his website which also serves as a showroom.
I decided to go ahead with a San Antonio Spurs hat and bought it through Matt.  I had a choice of Paypal or Cash in the Mail and decided to send money in the mail. Matt received the money quickly and shipped my product very quickly to me.
The product arrived nicely and well packaged (very good for a place that does free Australiawide shipping and that will ship Internationally for a good price)
The quality of the hat itself was very good as can be seen from the photos below. I highly recommend purchasing Snapback-style Hats and Beanies through SnapbacksAus.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to sticky a post on PHPBB3?

I was just wondering this while fixing up my new forum. I needed to sticky a post. Here's how to do it.:

1. Make sure you have permissions. Even if you're the founder this doesn't necessarily make you have the permissions to sticky. First of all you need to become a Moderator in the forum that you are talking about.

2. Go to Admin control panel -> permissions tab -> forum based permissions -> forum permissions. From there give yourself Full Access on the forum that the post will/is in.
3. Make the post- at the bottom there should be options to sticky. 

4. If the post has already been made go to Moderator control panel and find the post. From the drop down list of options for the post select sticky post. 

Hope this helps

Monday, 28 January 2013

My Internet doesn't Work on Android

A quick guide on how to fix the internet on your Android Smartphone if it doesn't show up.

1. Know who your service provider is. This can generally be found on your Sim Card. If I were on Vodafone I'd know as the Sim Card says Vodafone.

    2. Use Google (or use your favourite search engine) to find your Provider's APN (Access Point Names)             settings. A search for Vodafone Australia APN settings comes up with this page

    3. Go onto your phone and click the menu button on your phone, then settings. From there click on Wireless & Networks then Mobile Networks and then Access Point Names.

   4. Press your phone's menu button and then New APN.
   5. Fill in APN Settings. Menu button and then save to get it working.

  Hope this helps


Monday, 7 January 2013

Now on separate domain

Finally coughed up enough money to buy the domain and host this blog on it.
Any requests will now redirect to my new domain.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Fake Runescape Emails

Very recently I've been receiving multiple emails a day claiming to be from Jagex (the company behind the MMORPG, Runescape).

I don't personally play Runescape but someone in the household does.These emails really tick me off because you can't block one email as they come from a variety of (presumably hacked emails)

Below is a screenshot showing what and how these fake emails are delivered. Note how the whole email is authentic except that the hackers changed the link to direct you to their own malicious web form.

Also this email was not "sent" to me. My email that this is coming to is md****** and the attack was obviously a dictionary attack (the email in the To: column)