Monday, 28 January 2013

My Internet doesn't Work on Android

A quick guide on how to fix the internet on your Android Smartphone if it doesn't show up.

1. Know who your service provider is. This can generally be found on your Sim Card. If I were on Vodafone I'd know as the Sim Card says Vodafone.

    2. Use Google (or use your favourite search engine) to find your Provider's APN (Access Point Names)             settings. A search for Vodafone Australia APN settings comes up with this page

    3. Go onto your phone and click the menu button on your phone, then settings. From there click on Wireless & Networks then Mobile Networks and then Access Point Names.

   4. Press your phone's menu button and then New APN.
   5. Fill in APN Settings. Menu button and then save to get it working.

  Hope this helps



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