Sunday, 17 February 2013

Beginning to Code

Being a relatively good programmer I often get people asking me where to start. I personally taught myself Python, a great first language but now there are even easier languages emerging such as LiveCode.

LiveCode has a simple GUI interface for designing the app and a English based logic. If you were to say sort the lines in JavaScript, you'd need many lines of code and symbols but in LiveCode you simply say:

"Sort lines of field 1 by item 2 of each"

LiveCode also directly supports iOS and Android and makes easy GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) for Windows and Mac OSX.

The only downside of LiveCode is that it is currently quite expensive. However, they are running a Kickstarter Campaign to make LiveCode Opensource and Free.

Back now and get a great tool for free. Every cent helps.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

SnapbacksAus Review

I recently had the privilege of buying some Snapback-style hats off SnapbacksAus. This Australian based online store sells Snapback-style hats and Beanies, all for under $25.
My interest sparked when I was recommended to visit this site by one of my close friends. He had recently purchased a few hats and said that the service was great. I decided to test this out for myself just to see how good the service was.
I started by sending an email to the Support "Guy" and Co-owner Matt. He explained that to make a purchase it would be simple and just a matter of emailing him the types you wanted or placing an order through his website which also serves as a showroom.
I decided to go ahead with a San Antonio Spurs hat and bought it through Matt.  I had a choice of Paypal or Cash in the Mail and decided to send money in the mail. Matt received the money quickly and shipped my product very quickly to me.
The product arrived nicely and well packaged (very good for a place that does free Australiawide shipping and that will ship Internationally for a good price)
The quality of the hat itself was very good as can be seen from the photos below. I highly recommend purchasing Snapback-style Hats and Beanies through SnapbacksAus.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to sticky a post on PHPBB3?

I was just wondering this while fixing up my new forum. I needed to sticky a post. Here's how to do it.:

1. Make sure you have permissions. Even if you're the founder this doesn't necessarily make you have the permissions to sticky. First of all you need to become a Moderator in the forum that you are talking about.

2. Go to Admin control panel -> permissions tab -> forum based permissions -> forum permissions. From there give yourself Full Access on the forum that the post will/is in.
3. Make the post- at the bottom there should be options to sticky. 

4. If the post has already been made go to Moderator control panel and find the post. From the drop down list of options for the post select sticky post. 

Hope this helps