Monday, 10 June 2013

Dick Smith A3 Laminator Review

Last week after trying to make the most out of our laminating pouches (Cutting them up), our old laminator (a Creative cheapie) got jammed. After disassembling it and removing the offending pieces of plastic the machine still wasn't 100% and needing the machines we set out to buy a new laminator.

We settled on an A3 Laminator, as they could laminate both A3 and A4 for a small price difference (about $10-20). Doing some searches on price comparison sites the Dick Smith A3 Laminator was only about $39. And so we bought it.

Upon opening it we were faced with a sleek modern laminator with a cheap looking handle. 

The laminator has options for 2 types of laminating (hot and cold) but we've only tried the hot.

Laminating speeds are good (quicker than our old one) and the quality is well sealed.

Definitely a good buy if you're in the need for a laminator that works, but isn't too fancy. 

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