Thursday, 1 August 2013

Best Geocaching Applications for Android

I'm an active geocacher and often (increasing more and more) I'm without my GPS. It's always good to have a backup and with me I generally have my HTC Sensation in my pocket.

As the game expands more and more people are looking for a low cost alternative to an expensive handheld GPS so here's a list of all the apps I've tried (which will continue to be updated). For the sake of keeping a small list (and to make this as generalised as possible)I've excluded site specific ones unless they support gpx imports (bar live ones)

  1. c:geo

    It's hard to go past arguably the king of Android caching apps. Despite running against Groundspeak's TOS, c:geo is a great open source caching app. It's developers are constantly fixing issues (quicker than other apps since it's opensource) and they have a great support team. Apart from the live map c:geo offers advanced offline storage (very good when travelling to remote areas) and great logging capabilities including picture upload (however I am unable to comment on how reliable it is as I don't use it. Overall c:geo seems to be a popular choice by many and it's not hard to see why.
  2. Cachesense

    As with Neongeo I haven't had enough time to use this for a large amount of time but unlike Neongeo I'm quite impressed. The arguably best Blackberry caching app made its way to Android and has definitely made its impression. Its online capabilities are great and it offers Munzee support (a big pro in my opinion). Only downside off the app is that when importing a file for offline GPX usage, the loading dialog stays in the notification bar, even when I try to cancel it. I hope the developers can fix this and then I'll be using Cachesense a lot more.
  3. Neongeo

    I bought this a while back following recommendations from other cachers. I must say however, I'm kind of disappointed. I bought it hoping for it to be the last caching app I would buy but I'll say why I dislike it. I don't like the way to search for caches and it's offline capabilities are somewhat underwhelming. There is hope for this app though. Although I didn't use it, the Geocacher Live Tracking map is pretty cool (except that it recognises me as a separate cacher to myself). I also actually haven't used the app to it's full potential yet and will be trying it out more

    So that's it for the moment. Here are my top 3 geocaching applications on the Android operating system. I haven't had enough time to test every application on the Play Store so if you have a suggestion please leave it in the comments below and I'll review it in due time.

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