Saturday, 7 September 2013

Rudd VS Abbott: The 2013 Elections

Throughout this evening I have decided that I'll undertake a blogging marathon and cover the elections tonight.  Just a bit of info before I start:

I'm sitting in front of the television from my house in the Liberal safe seat of Bradfield. It's currently held by MP Paul Fletcher and is located on Sydney's North Shore. Therefore these times are all being broadcast in AEST.

Things to watch:
How Palmer United (a new party with quite a bit of a following) does. I predict they'll win over 10 seats.

I'll address all major happenings as an edit to this post. They'll begin with a time stamp as of my computer.

6:00PM- Voting has closed in the eastern states.

6:25PM- Counting has just started. Bob Katter appears to be losing his seat (Kennedy) by a large margin. Not looking good for Katter's Australia Party. The Liberal Nationals Party have almost tripled his vote count. NB only 500 odd votes have been counted.

6:30PM- SA and NT Voting ended

6:34PM- Eden-Monaro, a historically marginal seat (has predicted the winner since the 1970s) is swinging towards the Liberal-National Coalition

6:48PM- Katter still trailing in Kennedy.

6:54PM- Wayne Swan surprisingly has a swing towards him...

6:59PM- Treasurer Chris Bowen is losing his seat by a small margin

7:04PM- Kevin Rudd is winning his seat slimmly

7:06PM- Clive Palmer is trailing in Fairfax (the seat) by a few hundred votes.

7:11PM- In the "Over 50%" category thing at the top right of Sky News the score is ALP-4 LNP-29 OTH-1

7:33PM- ABC Analyst Anthony Green has declared that the ALP cannot win the election from here

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