Saturday, 16 November 2013

Steelseries Kinsu V2 unboxing and review

I'm back!

Bought one of these at a really good price at Scorptec ($10 shipped to my door). Had a poor selection of colours so chose orange (it looks pretty cool)

I actually haven't used it yet (it's going into my new rig) but I have unboxed it. EDIT: Build is going to be ready 24th November.

Now onto the review... The mouse came in a nice box with the mouse displayed which is great as a consumer as you can get a sense of the size/colour/features without looking at images on the internet (sometimes the images on the boxes are misleading)

Opening it up there's an instruction manual with CD for configuring DPI (something this mouse is supposed to do quite well)

Looking at the mouse itself, there's a nice braided cable (I really like these) and a USB 2.0 plug. The optical mouse is quite minimal in design but the vibrant orange really stands out. 

In the hand I was somewhat disappointed. The mouse was slightly uncomfortable to hold (my hand was somewhat perched on its body), however as this mouse is ambidextrous I congratulate Steelseries on a somewhat comfortable fit. The buttons and scroll wheel on the mouse are within easy reach. 

In summary I can't wait to try this mouse out on my rig, considering it's my first mouse in 5+ years I presume it'll be better than the trackpads that I'm used to.

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