Friday, 13 December 2013

A Droid App a day: Day 1

Since I'm free for 2 months now, I decided to get off my backside and refresh my Android and Java skills (which were stuck at Cupcake (A very long time ago))

Therefore every day I'm going to be publishing an Android Application and posting it here for you to like/hate/rant about.

They'll (the apps will) be free since they'll probably be bug-ridden and quite horrible but my goal is by the end of the break to be able to write some quality apps that people will want to download. 

My first app project will be a simple counter that should be published in a few hours- It's appropritatly called counter.

A few issues I encountered:

The keysign was hard to work out but once I realised that it was better to run keytool over jarsign this was quickly eradicated.

Android Studio doesn't like Eclipse projects. Thus I stuck to eclipse.

My app's up
Pretty happy for a first 4.0 attempt

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