Saturday, 25 January 2014

Crash Course on How to Use a Hashtag

I'm not the ruling authority on how to use or not use hashtags however they were created for a reason. Since the spread of hashtags to Facebook, I am appalled to see its poor usage. So I proclaim to you...

Internet 101: Hashtags

The ideal purpose of a Hashtag is to associate your post with a theme so that it can be searched via a hashtag. Like if I was to say:

"Free bottles of water in Sydney", using standard convention it would be appropriate to tag that post/tweet with #water #Sydney #freebie

That post would not be suited to a hashtag like #imsothirsty or #wasteofmoney .

Really, if you think about it if someone was to search the hastag #wasteofmoney they wouldn't expect to find details about how to get free water. Instead they might be interested about the government's latest stimulus packages.

I guess people won't change using terrible hashtags, but I hope that someone finds this post and changes their ways.

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