Friday, 3 January 2014

First look at Stonehearth Alpha 1

Due to my relatively large pledge on Kickstarter, when Stonehearth's Alpha came out I was one of the first invited to try it out.

This game was created by a few Silicon Valley developers who decided to quit their jobs and make the game of their dreams (and one of my dreams), Stonehearth . Not to be mixed up with the also emerging game HearthStone, Stonehearth is basically Sim City on AntiSteroids. The shrunk down version has a lot of potential I believe and I can't wait for saving to be added (it's not present in Alpha 1)

I've played around with it for a few days now and am ready to release a verdict and quick review.

First of all, I, and all the developers emphasise that this is a work in progress. Many of the screenshots that I've taken below are bugs (in fact I think all of them are :) )

Before I get into some of the bugs I'd like to thank the developers for aiming (and succeeding) in a December launch. Having it delivered on time means a lot to a player.

The soundtrack and sound effects are great- exactly what I thought they'd be like if not better. The voxel based art is also (dare I say is) cute...

All the foundations are perfected, bugs just need to be squashed - although I know patches are being released almost daily through Steam and Humble Bundle.

One of my favourite aspects of the game is the UI which fits very well. In the screenshots below you can see aspects of it.

Ok. Now onto the bits which I don't like. BUGS. Here I've decided to post a few screenshots and hope that some of the Radiant Crew stumble upon this post and fix them.

However wacky this may seem, the beds seem to be able to form a black hole in between them with glitchy pixels.

 This person also seems to have fallen through a bed

 Documented by the team but further found here, the Stonehearthians love building themselves into corners (or having others build them in for them). This happened very frequently to me as well as the workers walking through walls.

 And finally I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but the citizens don't seem to like sleeping in the beds made for them.

Overall, however it's probably one of the best alpha's I've played. As I said before can't wait for save functionality and more features. I'd urge you to hop onboard if you haven't at

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