Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Memrise: A new spin?

I've been having trouble as of recent with learning vocabulary (especially in German). Many people recommended to me Memrise, a site which enforces learning by repetition.

In the past I've used Quizlet but personally I'm prefering Memrise at the moment. It seems that I'm picking up vocabulary far quicker than anywhere else.

The rank system is an interesting yet fun way to keep track of how you're learning (for the record I'm a Memgineer).

As well as learning German I'm learning all the capitals in the world (there was a time when I could do this) and learning Latin Vocab. All in all I say that in combination with Duolingo, Memrise is a great tool for learning languages no matter what your level. Like many other sites I believe it strikes a good equilibrium between learning and gamification.

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